See below a list of optional topics for “Israel Water & Ecological High Tech Lectures by Ari Lipinski”, former Advisor to Israel’s Environment Minister and Chief KKL-Israel Delegate to Germany. Ari Lipinski lectures since many years to international US and European audiences, escorted US and European official governmental VIP delegations in Israel on behalf of various Israel Government Ministries. He was member of the Israel Ministry of the Environment delegations to the WATEC Israel Exhibition in Tel Aviv, World Exhibition in Hanover Germany (Water and Ecology) and to the World Water Exhibition in Berlin, Germany. 

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Ari am Solar-Huehnerstall Mashabei SadeDSC_4954IMG-0532-Lipinski-am-ReservoirDSC_4908

Ari Lipinski berichtet im Bilder-Vortrag über israelische Innovationen in Solar-Tech, Wasser-High-Tech, Tröpfchen-Bewässerung unter der Bodenoberfläche und Förderung von Bieneneinsatz in Gewächshäusern. Für weitere Themen und Bestellung: Siehe unten.


IMG_0889-TomatenIMG0925DropIrrigationISRAEL Innovative Förderung der Bienen-Aktivität in GewächshäusernIMG_0517-Troepfchen-Bewaesserung-unter-der-Bodenoberflaeche


ISRAEL-Vorträge mit Ari Lipinski 6-2014

Ari Lipinski Lecture Israel Ecology Innovations as a Peace Offer 4.2.2010

The following Article by Ari Lipinski about “Israel’s Seven Sources of Water” from 2001 includes at the moment a translation of the headings only. A full translation is due to follow. Below is the German PDF version. An update of the Israel water data and commentary to 2015 is in preparation. Visit this site again soon to find it.

Ari Lipinski’s article about Israel’s 7 Water Resources: Necesity is Mother of Invention. Ari illustrates how Israel’s worldwide leading technologies in desalination (reverese osmosis) and innovative solutions of water reclamation, recycling and water treatment provide the country with astonishing additional water resources rescuing the agricultural food production and Israel’s natural drinking water reserves. Even though Israel integrated more than 2.5 millions of Jewish refugees from the world, and its Jewish population grew from 680,000 in 1948 to 6 millions in 2014 the water usage for the agricultural production was substantially reduced! To sum up: Israel developed a variety of innovations which may serve humanity worldwide to better survive and sustainably protect scarce natural water resources. See updated information of 2014 under Water lectures with Ari Lipinski


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