„And I will bless those who bless you“  Genesis, chapter 12, vers 3   “ואברכה מברכיך”



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

You could determine on your own, while alive, by your will, that from your bequest a certain amount or a certain percentage be allocated to a special charitable project of your choice in Israel. You can leave your fingerprint on a better future for the people of Israel in the land of the Bible by contributing according to your own judgement. If you would like to learn more about special projects that may suit your preferences, you may email Ari Lipinski – MBA at lipinskiari@gmail.com . Ari served as the head fundraising delegate of the JNF-KKL in Germany and later also as the official Representative of the famous Israeli Bar Ilan University in Germany. Therefore, he is very experienced in this field which requires trustworthiness and reliability, to which he is committed.

With his professional MBA background Ari could be helpful in explaining financial aspects of the projects.                     

We wish you a good health to the blessed age of Moses of 120 years.

SCHALOM  שלום  

Ari Lipinski