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TU BiSHVAT – Abravanel Torah Comment – Article Ari Lipinski 2-2015


Ari Lipinski-Artikel über Pessach – Ein Fest der Fragen – zum Kommentar von Rab. D. Yizhak Abarbanel

Bible – Parashat BeShalach – Ari Lipinski Comment 31.1.2015

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The following Article by Ari Lipinski about “Israel’s Seven Sources of Water” from 2001 includes at the moment a translation of the headings only. A full translation is due to follow. Below is the German PDF version. An update of the Israel water data and commentary to 2015 is in preparation. Visit this site again soon to find it.

Ari Lipinski’s article about Israel’s 7 Water Resources: Necesity is Mother of Invention. Ari illustrates how Israel’s worldwide leading technologies in desalination (reverese osmosis) and innovative solutions of water reclamation, recycling and water treatment provide the country with astonishing additional water resources rescuing the agricultural food production and Israel’s natural drinking water reserves. Even though Israel integrated more than 2.5 millions of Jewish refugees from the world, and its Jewish population grew from 680,000 in 1948 to 6 millions in 2014 the water usage for the agricultural production was substantially reduced! To sum up: Israel developed a variety of innovations which may serve humanity worldwide to better survive and sustainably protect scarce natural water resources. See updated information of 2014 under Water lectures with Ari Lipinski


Ari Article Israels 7 Wasserquellen in der Zeitschrift Neuland 4-2001 des KKL

Ari KKL NEULAND 4 2001 Die 7 Wasserquellen Israels - Not macht erfinderisch Seite 1 Ari KKL NEULAND 4 2001 Die 7 Wasserquellen Israels - Not macht erfinderisch Seite 2

www.israelnetz.com Ari Lipinski zum SZ-Karikaturskandal 3.7.2012

Bar-Ilan-Univeristy-Magazin-SPEKTRUM 3-2003-Star-architect-Daniel-Libeskind and Prof. Dr. Architekt Salomon Korn, President Jewish Community Frankfurt. Editor Ari Lipinski Ari-with-Star-Architect-Daniel-Libeskind-Dr-Korn-Pres

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Ari Lipinski – Publikationen über Kibbuz

Ari-Article-about-Kibbuz-2000-in-Diplomatischer-Kurier-1 Ari-Article-6-1988 about-Kibbuz-2000-in-Diplomatischer-Kurier-2

Ari Article about Kibbuz 2000 in Diplomatischer Kurier